Wednesday, 22 April 2015

Why curiousity and how to enhance it?

Asking WHY and HOW and all the other questions we asked when we were small children is the lifeblood of learning. The picture is of me and my twin sister taken when we were 3 years old.  I recently discovered this old photo and it stirred my curiosity. I was the girl looking directly forward. I remember being fascinated by the camera as my Dad took our first ever photo. What was he doing? How did the camera work? Why was he telling us to stand up straight and smile?  As an adult with years of education tucked under my belt I find I have still more questions. How do children with similar genes and the same upbringing have different likes and interests and lives? How are people all the same, of the same value and yet so different?
This blog will be a look at what makes us curious. I hope it will also become a guide to revive and stimulate our natural curiosity. Its also going to be a learning experience. Can you offer suggestions as to how we can use stimulate our curiosity and learn from it? For starters here is a link to Gary Klein writing about the ways curiosity can lead to insight and new ideas - its worth having a go at his Insight test

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